Elemental Lifecycle Cost Model

Required by BREEAM Man 02 to be carried out at RIBA Stage 2

The Elemental Life Cycle Cost Analysis is carried out in accordance with the process outlined in PD156865:2008, based on concept design proposals.

The LCC analysis will include:

An outline LCC plan for the project based on the building’s basic structure and envelope, based on multiple cash flow scenarios e.g. 20, 30 and 60 years;

The fabric and servicing strategy for the project outlining component options over a 15 year period, in the form of an ‘elemental LCC Plan’;

The fit-out strategy for the project outlining options over a 10 year period.

Our analysis includes a critical appraisal, covering Service Life Estimations and maintenance implications, for the elements contained within the concept design, in accordance with the guidance provided by ISO 15686 Part 1.

We will make initial assumptions relating to the operational elements of life cycle costs including facility management and occupant costs, which may be refined once the report has been reviewed by your team.

Where energy and water consumption estimates are not available, we will apply appropriate benchmark consumption data. The LCC analysis will include a ‘Critical Value’ schedule of elements, sorted into order of materiality of lifecycle and capital costs. The intention of this schedule is to assist the Design Team in identifying those components which might be further modelled in Component Level appraisals.

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